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Sub-Saharan Africa has 11% of the world's population and 25% of the global burden of disease, but only 3% of the world's health workers.  Any sustainable solution to Sub-Saharan Africa's health problems will require a stable cadre of physicians, not only as clinicians, but also as teachers, managers, and leaders.  The training of this cadre of physicians who are prepared to confront their countries' health issues is a key challenge that all Sub-Saharan African nations must face.  While many individuals and institutions are doing exciting things to train the next generation of African physicians, there is a lack of a continent-wide understanding of trends, innovations, challenges, and opportunities.  SAMSS hopes to fill that gap. 
In 2008, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation joined a growing group of health organizations by devoting new attention to medical education in Sub-Saharan Africa.  It chose to fund the Sub-Saharan African Medical Schools Study (SAMSS).  SAMSS exists to track innovation in medical education in Sub-Saharan Africa.  It combines a series of intensive site visits to ten selected medical schools with a survey sent to all medical schools in Sub-Saharan Africa.  This website provides an introduction to the SAMSS project. 
For a brief introduction to the project, see the Communiqué in the SAMSS Updates section. 
To see the people involved in SAMSS, please see the Advisory Committee section and the Secretariat section.
Make sure to see the Short Reports which provide brief preliminary recaps of the SAMSS site visits. 

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